The motion platform contains electronic components and is a bearing structure for the entire device. It rotates on its base by means of drive wheels. The welded frame is made of low-carbon steel and covered with polyester fiber powder. All aluminum parts are anodized. The platform ventilation holes are closed with metal screens.

Platform supports

3 supports put in motion the suspension system of the simulator. The tubes of the motion support are made of hardened steel and installed on needle bearings. No hydraulics and pneumatic compressors! The supports are driven with 3-phase permanent-magnet servomotors and are equipped with braking units with extra differential encoders. The supports are put in motion with reducing gears and reliable gear belts.

Suspension system

The suspension system is used for attachment of a driver seat, 3d monitor, and a pedal box. It consists of a rigid welded frame made of rectangular cutout. The system has a special form minimizing the vibration. This design also provides for an easy driver mounting and dismounting and at the same time has little inertia. The points of attachment to the supports are arranged on roller bearings requiring no maintenance within the entire service life.


The split base is used for ground leveling and smooth rotation of the structure. It is easy to disassemble and carry to another place if needed.


SP Drive 6D features special controls. The controller design prototype is the controls used in military and commercial aviation, which makes control look, feel, and operate like in real aircrafts.

3D display

The attraction is equipped with a 47-inch 3D sapphire-coated display, which enhances the reality of action due to brightness of colors and matrix made with utilization of a polarization technology, and delivered with a set of light passive glasses. The set includes 7 glasses, which enables not only driver but the viewers as well to see the image in real 3D quality. The matrix used has excellent viewing angles.


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